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Superior Green Built Products

living greenEach Superior System Built Product has the opportunity to be completely Green from the ground up. At Superior Homes, we are proud of our commitment to provide environmentally friendly standards and options to our customers.   These features allow our customers to save on energy bills while pitching in to help aid our planet.

Standard Energy Efficient Features Include

Energy Star® Rated: Windows. Air Infiltration Wrap on the entire home, Double OSB Sheathing, OSB Decking, Insulated Exterior Doors, Insulated duct systems

Environmentally Friendly Options Include

Energy Star® Rated: Water Heaters, Refrigerators, Dishwashers, and Interior Lights. Insulation Upgrades, Low Flow Toilets and Shower Heads, Continuous Vapor Barrier Option.

System Built Process is Naturally Green

The system built construction process allows us to minimize waste. A typical site built house of 2000 square feet, produces over 8000 lbs of construction waste. Superior Homes System Built Construction typically produces 1/10th of the waste. Scrap materials are recycled and specialized processes significantly reduce material waste.  Each custom home is built in our climate-controlled facility, eliminating the chances of air quality issues caused by high levels of trapped moisture.  Superior Homes building processes, practices and environment minimize the typical carbon footprint associated with building a new home.

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